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Practice Area Overview

Real Estate Law

Mr. Baird provides documentation, advice and representation in litigation and other dispute resolution concerning any of the following real estate concepts:

  • Covenant: a written restriction on the use of land or an obligation to pay for upkeep of land created by a landowner who subdivides and sells the land. Covenants create condominium and homeowner associations but are also used without these associations.
  • Easement: a limited right to use specific land but not to the exclusion of all others. Easements can be created for driveways, utility lines, and removal of timber or gravel. Easements are normally written but sometimes implied by the law.
  • Eminent domain: the power of government and some private utility companies to acquire real estate from a landowner unwilling to sell. The power is exercised by the filing of a lawsuit in which title is transferred to the government and the amount of compensation due the landowner is decided. The process is sometimes referred to as condemnation. Landowners have extensive and complex rights in those cases.
  • Foreclosure: the process by which a holder of a lien on real estate acquires ownership of property as a result of breach of an agreement by the landowner, usually failure to pay a debt. Foreclosure may occur with or without filing a lawsuit.
  • Lease: a written agreement for the exclusive use of a parcel of real estate for a fixed term. Leases can be created for residential or other property. Mr. Baird does not provide services concerning residential leases.
  • Lien: the right to acquire real estate in the event an agreement is breached by the landowner. Common liens are a mortgage (known in Alaska as a deed of trust) and a lien for work done to improve real property referred to as a mechanic's lien.
  • Title: all of the various legal interests in a particular parcel of real estate. These are normally, but not always, described in documents which are recorded in offices of the State of Alaska called recording districts. The most complete title is called the fee simple which is the legal estate closest in meaning to the common expression of "ownership" of real estate. Title is transferred by written documents called "deeds."
  • Trespass: use of real estate without the permission of the rightful owner. Trespass may occur intentionally or accidentally.
  • Zoning: laws which restrict the use of property by establishing districts or zones where certain uses may occur. In Alaska, zoning laws are ordinances enacted by the Boroughs and some cities. They vary significantly by community.

Business Law

Mr. Baird provides documentation, advice and representation in litigation and other dispute resolution concerning:

  • Ownership issues

  • Business debt collection

  • Sales of business assets

Municipal Law

Mr. Baird offers legal assistance to municipalities on a variety of issues including:

  • Open meeting statutes

  • Public records

  • Elections

  • Business and real estate transactions and disputes

  • Eminent Domain

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